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Take a look through some previous case studies and projects.  All of our clients are individual and we work on a bespoke basis to provide the service level they require.


Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump.  We worked on this project for several years and the end result was truly spectacular.


Undertaking Environmental, Health and Safety audits twice per year across the groups 300 plus stores twice we managed to raise compliance standards at all levels leading to improved employee engagement with health and safety, a reduced accident rate on both sales floor and off sales areas, reduced insurance premiums and a significant reduction in HSE and Fire Authority enforcement actions.

The audit programme was bespoke to the client and the areas reviewed in the audit were both internal company standards, best practice industry standards and legally required aspects.


The audit programme inspected practical store and operational standards as well as the use and application of the companies health and safety management system on a store by store basis.

Warehouse Workers


A national optician chain required a regular audit and inspection programme in addition to a health and safety manual to support their franchisee's, improve compliance and reduce accidents.

The brief was to design a bespoke audit to include the lab equipment and a generic manual for store managers to own and update.

HSC put together a timetable to visit each store within six months not only to carry out the audit but also implement the health and safety manual and provide necessary training and instruction on its use.

A follow up visit was carried out six months later and compliance levels had improved and accident started to reduce. 

Eyeglass Display


The client, a well known cut price high street retailer, initially contacted us to review their central England warehouse and distribution operation after a scathing HSE inspection.


Following our audit and review of their operation a risk based operational was plan was put in place to improve Health and Safety standards at the site.


Close liaison with the client and the local HSE officer enabled a significant raising of standards of operation and improved relationships with the HSE, avoiding any further enforcement action.

Following the success in the Warehousing operation scoped above, the client then asked us to review their retail operations as they had a significant civil claims culture for accidents in their stores as well as regular fire authority and HSE interactions for failure to manage their legal duties in particular related to contractor management in stores and fire safety.

After a period of review and consultation we advised on the use of a Health and Safety 'Day Book' in their stores. This was in essence a three part Health and Safety management system which enabled required documentation as well as in store compliance checks to be completed and recorded.


This significantly reduced civil accident claims as there was now an auditable chain and evidence of routine checks in place. This system was then the back bone of an audit programme that we undertook across the business to ensure the requirements were being implemented and understood by all store colleagues.

Warehouse Worker


Hotel operations cover a wide variety of risk management aspects with fire safety, health and safety, leisure , security and data protection all being on the radar.

Simpson & Co were approached by a UK wide hotel chain to review their risk management exposure and provide a solution to reduce the incident numbers that were occurring across the business.

Simpson & Co undertook a full review of all health and safety, fire safety and business continuity aspects. This lead us to drafting and implementing a bespoke risk compliance management system.

We also designed an innovative 'compliance diary' for front of house staff which enabled them to track and record their relevant risk management areas of responsibility.

Chef's Kitchen


A prestigious fine dining London restaurant client had an employee who sustained a serious accident in one of their kitchens and was taken to hospital.


The client had legal obligations to report serious accidents within a time limit.


Due to the urgency, Simpson & Co arrived quickly at the restaurant undertook a a thorough investigation. A report was produced which not only identified the immediate and underlying causes but provided recommendations with an action plan. 

Simpson & Co managed the the whole process for their client including liaison with the enforcement officer. 


Simpson & Co were able to  minimise business disruption and the enforcing officer was satisfied that measures being taken ensured the risk was managed to the lowest reasonable level. They were not prosecuted.

Poached Eggs on Muffins
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