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Working in the Warehouse
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Health & Safety

Simpson & Co offer a bespoke range of services to suit your business and your individual needs.  There is no 'one size fits all' approach. 


We are available for one-off assessments, right up to becoming a full extension of your team, providing tailored, continual support for all your health and safety and risk management needs.

Let Simpson & Co help make your life a little easier.

Here are the Health & Safety Services we offer:

A health and safety review forms a vital feedback loop within the management system, to bench mark performance and highlight areas needing improvement. Reviews can be performed at various levels within an organisation, including management system audits, legislative compliance audits and management reviews. Our audits and reviews reveal both strengths and weaknesses in the organisation and systems. They identify where improvements are necessary, help to prioritise those which are most important and determine what actions should be taken. Health and Safety Reviews provide guidance for managers with responsibility for health and safety. Developed principally for small businesses and organisations, the review is also relevant to larger companies whose safety management systems are not sufficiently developed to justify the application of a full Safety Management System audit. A consultant will assess the health and safety issues faced by your organisation, evaluate how well your present processes are meeting those needs, and report back in detail on the findings. In particular, we will highlight how you are managing risks in specific areas of your business. The review will then make recommendations about how best to proceed, including specific advice on how to develop and implement a safety action plan. There is also a ranking system which will help prioritise any actions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Health & Safety Policy

A Health and Safety Policy is a necessity for all organisations with 5 or more employees. We will help our client develop your Policy, facilitate full integration into the company's business systems, advise on the organisational aspects, assist with the practical aspects of implementation and, finally, assist in setting and monitoring performance standards. Where companies have existing systems in place and wish to bring these up to date we will carry out a thorough review. When developing a Health and Safety Policy, Simpson & Co encourages accessibility and ownership of the system at all levels within the company. To promote this we encourage a facilitated approach combined with a style of presentation (either documented or electronic) which is concise and illustrative.

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Health & Safety Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are required for all work activities. They aim to reduce accidents.  They needn’t be difficult or complex and we are able to provide innovative standard templates to be amended to reflect your activities or we can undertake assessments for you. Alternatively, we can train you how to carry out risk assessments. Simpson & Co can carry out all statutory risk assessments associated with your business that enables businesses to meet their legal obligations. We are always able to support your business with a specialist risk assessor to take care of the more difficult assessments for you. As an employer, the law requires you to assess and manage health and safety risks. The law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect people as far as possible. A risk assessment helps you focus on the risks that could potentially cause real harm.  A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you have taken enough precautions or should do more to prevent harm. Workers and others have a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures. Please contact us to discuss the risk assessments you are likely to need.

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Workstation (DSE) Assessments

The Workstation Assessment is an on-site risk assessment service for employees who use computer workstations. A qualified Workstation Assessor will carry out a detailed assessment of each workstation in conjunction with the user on a one-to- one basis which will include the positioning, height and relationship of the chair, keyboard, screen and telephone as well as other issues. This service is particularly useful if employees are experiencing discomfort. Management receive a completed risk assessment for each employee along with any recommendations, which may only be small adjustments. The key benefits of the Workstation Assessment are: • Helps to reduce sickness absence costs • Compliance with Health and Safety legislation • One-to-one service • Risk assessment completed for each employee

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CHAS and Constructionline Accreditation

CHAS and Constructionline membership simplifies the process of gaining contractor accreditation and securing more work opportunities. The schemes will help your organisation demonstrate compliance in up to 13 areas of risk management through a single assessment body. Save time and money by using Simpson & Co to get your membership and accreditation. We will offer a fixed price solution to get you going quickly.

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Accident Investigation

Your business might be subject to a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation if there is a reportable injury at your workplace or a civil claim if an employee or visitor has is involved in an accident in your workplace. Your insurers may also require an investigation. For example, a HSE accident investigation could be launched in response to someone being injured whilst working for you, whether on or offsite. Health and safety investigations need to be taken very seriously because if your business is found to have breached regulations or has practices that are not considered to be compliant, you could face significant fines, or even imprisonment. Health and safety investigations have specific goals, which are: • To determine the causes of the reported incident • To share lessons learned by what happened • To identify the actions or measures that need to be taken by the business to prevent the incident from recurring. • To gather evidence if a prosecution is potentially being brought. Simpson & Co can respond quickly to investigate incidents and help defend claims and legal challenges.

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Legionella Risk Management

Do you need to consider the potential implications of Legionella?  Simpson & Co are on hand to carry out legionella risk assessments to identify waterborne health hazards. Let us help you resolve any identified issues quickly and efficiently. We’ll work alongside your team to ensure you’re all up-to-date with the very latest safety guidance, as it applies to you.  We can provide regular update sessions for your team and help ensure you have a robust competency framework in place for all things safety related.

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Health & Safety Reviews

We provide ongoing support and assistance as and when required - so you can focus on what you do best.

Safety management doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, provided you have access to the best possible support.  To arrange a short, no obligation chat, or to discuss your needs in more detail please get in touch.

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"Our business has a relatively small number of employees spread out across various sites
around the country and we wanted to provide staff with training and develop new health
and safety procedures, which was difficult because people were spread out.


We didn’t feel we needed a full-time health and safety adviser so appointed Simpson & Co. to support us. The engineers were sceptical at first, but the consultant answered their concerns and explained the plan clearly.

Simpson & Co. did everything that we asked for and more.


For example, providing online training for staff across our sites, developing apps to reduce the need to fill in forms and management reports. The best part was all of the management information was available to me at my fingertips on my phone as well.


Our staff moral seems to have improved which was a welcome surprise and makes my job easier.

Well done, Simpson & Co!"

Diarmuid Walsh, Operations Lead, Bergen Engines

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