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Fire Extinguisher
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Fire Risk Management

Simpson & Co offer a bespoke range of services to suit your business and your individual needs.  There is no 'one size fits all' approach. 


We are available for one-off assessments, right up to becoming a full extension of your team, providing tailored, continual support for all your health and safety and risk management needs.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire is something that should be taken very seriously and although nobody wants to think that the worst might happen, failing to properly prepare can result in severe consequences for your property and business as well as the safety and lives of those
that reside within them.

Let Simpson & Co help make your life a little easier. We can liaise with enforcing authorities and other agencies on your behalf.


We can provide technical advice and support, as required, including helping you to manage specifications for new installations, such as:

  • fire alarms 

  • emergency lighting systems

  • fire extinguishers.

All occupiers of premises are required to conduct a fire risk assessment. 

We are an Essex based company that has specialist fire risk assessors who cover the whole of London, the Midlands the South East and South West of England. We conduct comprehensive checks for our customers on a variety of properties and
companies and our highly skilled team are fully qualified and insured for your peace of mind.

The types of properties that we evaluate include:

  • Commercial premises. Single and multiple-storey offices, retail shops, companies with workshops, industrial units;

  • Residential premises. Single and multi-level houses, HMO (house in multiple occupation) properties, and blocks of flats.

Our fast track service ensures assessors can typically conduct your fire risk assessment the same day or the following working day that you book our service.

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Fire Safety Training Courses

Fire safety is an important requirement of any workplace, and offices are no different – with large amounts of paper materials often kept in office environments, it is essential that fire risks are minimised. 


A Fire Marshal's role is critical in the safely evacuating staff in the event of a fire. Learn more about the Training Courses we offer here.

We provide ongoing support and assistance as and when required - so you can focus on what you do best.

Safety management doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, provided you have access to the best possible support.  To arrange a short, no obligation chat, or to discuss your needs in more detail please get in touch.

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